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Rubber Products – S/G has a vast knowledge of silicone rubber materials, performance and design.  Since 1985 S/G personnel have served as pioneers in the automotive industry with the introduction of silicone rubber keypads for various applications such as HVAC Controls, Audio Electronics, Convenience Switches and other high-volume requirements.  S/G's experienced staff can solve design challenges while helping you save money.

Silicone rubber is known for its excellent physical characteristics which make it suitable for many applications.  These properties include:

Heat Resistance Cold Resistance
Electrical Resistance Radiation Resistance
Steam Resistance Corrosion Resistance
Water Resistance Chemical, Oil, Solvent Resistance
Electrical Conducting Thermal Conductivity
Vibration Compression Set
Bending Fatigue Absorption Gas Permeability
Weatherability Enviroment Friendly
Non-Stickiness Transparency and Coloration

S/G also offers products made for use in gaskets, gommets and O-rings.  (Alternate material such as EPDM is available)

Product Brochure (PDF Format)

Key Capabilities:

First Surface Decoration

Conductive Contacts

Other Rubber Parts

Manufacturing Locations:
Penang, Malaysia ShenZhen, China Taipei, Taiwan
234,500 ft2 Facility 515,591 ft2 Facility 144,100 ft2 Facility
700 Employees 1,750 Employees 450 Employees
(All locations are fully accredited, ISO/TS16949, ISO 14001 Certified)